Quite a few Excellent shadow Graphics

  1. Shadows
    Photo fromkevin dooley
    Shadows, San Diego Convention Center.







  4. 190-365 (Year 8) Shadows
    Photo from♔ Georgie R
    The hereios of the We’re Here! group have paid a visit to the Shadows cast by leaves and branches group at the suggestion of ruthlesscrab

    Stuck for an idea for your daily 365 shot? Try the hereios of the We’re Here! group for inspiration.




  6. Chicago shadows
    Photo fromkevin dooley
    Shadows in the Art Institute of Chicago.




  8. Shadow
    Photo fromKerri Lee Smith
    Shadow is my next door neighbor’s recent transplant from Florida. After spending his first week under a bed, my neighbor opened the front door and let him outside. He was primarily an outdoor cat in Florida and apparently wasn’t quite ready to be an indoor cat. He spent his first week as an outdoor cat behind the bushes in our yards (I live in a townhouse so next door is Right next door) and I spent much of those 8 days sitting outside talking to him and just being near him trying to help habituate him to his new home. I did such a good job that he now thinks I’m his person. My cats have strong opinions about this, but more on that later.

    Between my time spent with Shadow and a nasty cat bite on my hand that required antibiotics and made it almost impossible for me to type (or do much else), I’ve had less Flickr time than I’d like. But now Shadow feels at home and my hand is useable again.




  10. shadows
    Photo fromwolfgangfoto
    the shadows of the windows – large better –







  13. shadows
    Photo fromCinzia A. Rizzo / fataetoile
    Siamo ombre imperfette. Pensieri di un dio distratto…
    We are imperfect shadows. We are thoughts of a absent-minded god…